My Hypnobirth Journey

As a midwife for the last 40 years I have had the honour and privilege to support and assist hundreds of birthing women.  For 10 of those years I attended many home births as a community midwife. Now based in hospital setting I continue the support and empowerment of women and their birth partners. I have always been in awe of the ability of birthing mothers, each having their own journey and story to tell.

However my fascination is with each mothers approach to the birthing process. Many women are calm and focused and have the ability to work with their body while others are terrified and appear to be experiencing excessive pain. I knew that if each mother had the right support she could have a more tranquil and rewarding experience while welcoming her baby in to a calm world.

How do I know this?

I have witnessed the extremes of childbirth too many times for there not to be a reason why some mothers have an amazing experience whilst others can be traumatised.

I was determined to find out more.

I found the answers through the teaching of Marie Mongan who studied the approach to childbirth when her daughter was pregnant. She started the now internationally recognised movement known as HYPNOBIRTHING – THE MONGAN METHOD. Wanting to know more I attended Jenny Mullen‘s classes and it was a eureka moment, and without exaggeration, it was like finding the ‘missing link’ in my practise. I was now a qualified HypnoBirth Practicioner.

This was followed by a further qualification from HYPNOBIRTHMIDWIVESUK. Finally it all came together -the ability for Mothers, birth partners and midwives to gain the knowledge to have  a complete team approach to child birth and enhancing the birth experience.

Applying Hypnobirth to my practice and seeing amazing results of women and partners having a calm birth they had planned and trained for.

I still wasn’t satisfied ( I wanted everyone to have the same experience) I approached the Head of Midwifery at the James Paget Hospital about training more Midwives in Hypnobirthing and begin courses for mothers to be and their birth partners. Through the Hypnobirth Midwives UK there are now more Midwives trained in Hypnobirthing in this hospital.

I have recently given an introductory session in Hypnobirthing to student Midwives at the University of East Anglia too. This proved an amazing success leaving the students wanting more!

Hypnobirthing courses are often run in classrooms, village halls and community centres. However I wanted something better. I want a tranquil, warm, peaceful room, that would enhance the relaxation and calm atmosphere of Hypnobirthing classes.

I have achieved this with the comfortable and purposefully equipped room at The Brambles. A home from home.

I hope all who visit love and enjoy it as much as I do and are as passionate about the birth experience as I am.

Thank you for visiting. Embrace your journey.